Summary: This is our 110 seat, wood-panelled end-on proscenium arch space with black box stage
End-on theatre space with wood-panelled auditorium and black box stage. High ceiling, raked auditorium, upholstered seating 6 rows deep with black stage floor.

Auditorium: 7.3m W x 16m L.
Stage: 5.5m W x 4.5m D. Flat floor black vinyl dancefloor stage. Headroom 3.2m to lanterns, 4m to grid.
Lighting: 18 ways of control, computer lighting desk, some LED lights, comprehensive general lighting rig. Specials/extras by arrangement.
Sound: Theatre sound system with CD player, corded microphone and stand, mixer, amp, speakers. Extras by arrangement.
Access: Space is accessed by three full flights of stairs up from street. No Wheelchair access 

Up to 110 


Fully Equiped